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Directors, Audit & Supervisory Board Members and Executive Officers

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as of Jun 24, 2014


position name title
Chairman of the Board Fumio Tateishi
Representative Director and President Yoshihito Yamada CEO
Representative Director and Executive Vice President Yoshinori Suzuki CFO
Director and Executive Vice President Akio Sakumiya
Director Koji Nitto Senior Managing Officer
Outside Director Kazuhiko Toyama CEO, Industrial Growth Platform, Inc.
Outside Director Eizo Kobayashi Chairman, ITOCHU Corporation

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Audit & Supervisory Board Members

position name title
Audit & Supervisory Board Member (Full-time) Masayuki Tsuda
Audit & Supervisory Board Member (Full-time) Tokio Kawashima
Audit & Supervisory Board Member (Independent) Eisuke Nagatomo President and CEO, EN Associates Co., Ltd.
Audit & Supervisory Board Member (Independent) Yoshifumi Matsumoto Miyake & Partners, Partner, Attorney at law, Patent Attorney

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Honorary Chairman

position name title
Honorary Chairman Yoshio Tateishi

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Executive Officers

position name title
Senior Managing Officer Koji Nitto Senior General Manager, Global Strategy HQ. and Chairman and President, OMRON MANAGEMENT CENTER OF EUROPE
Yutaka Miyanaga Company President, Industrial Automation Company
Managing Officer Masaki Arao Senior General Manager, Technology & Intellectual Property HQ.
Kiichiro Kondo President and CEO, OMRON SOCIAL SOLUTIONS Co., Ltd.
Kiichiro Miyata President and CEO, OMRON HEALTHCARE Co., Ltd.
Katsuhiro Wada President and CEO, OMRON Automotive Electronics Co., Ltd.
Shizuto Yukumoto Senior General Manager, Environmental Solutions Business HQ.
Kenji Matsunami Company President, Electronic and Mechanical Components Company
Executive Officer Shigeki Fujimoto Business Development Executive
Koji Doi Chairman and President, OMRON (CHINA) Co., Ltd.
Takashi Ikezoe Senior General Manager, Industrial Components Division HQ.
Industrial Automation Company
Kiyoshi Yoshikawa Senior General Manager, Global Manufacturing Innovation HQ.
Satoshi Ando Senior General Manager, Investor Relations HQ.
Yoshihiro Taniguchi Representative Director and CEO, OMRON SWITCH & DEVICES CORPORATION
Toshio Hosoi Managing Director, Senior General Manager, Solution Business HQ. OMRON SOCIAL SOLUTIONS Co., Ltd.
Nigel Blakeway Chairman, President and CEO, OMRON MANAGEMENT CENTER OF AMERICA, INC. Chairman and CEO, OMRON ELECTRONICS, LLC.
Goshi Oba Chairman and President, OMRON INDUSTRIAL AUTOMATION (CHINA) Co., Ltd.
Takayoshi Oue Senior General Manager, Global Finance and Accounting HQ.
Isao Ogino Director, Executive Vice President, OMRON HEALTHCARE Co., Ltd.
Masanori Takahashi Representive Director and CEO, OMRON RELAY & DEVICES CORPORATION
Izumi Echizen Senior General Manager, Global Resource Management HQ.
Hideji Ejima General Manager, Business Planning Department
General Manager, Application Engineering Center, Environmental Solutions Business HQ.
Seigo Kinugawa Senior General Manager, Strategy Planning Division HQ. Industrial Automation Company
Takashi Kitagawa Senior General Manager, Board of Directors Office
Masahiko Tomita General Manager, Corporate Planning Department, Global Strategy HQ.

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